Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Give us the sack!!!!

I have just realised that the last post on here was created months ago. I apologise profusely and promise to sack the boss!

We have been ticking along nicely here through the winter and hoping that the snow does not arrive. The fires have been burning well and the wood has lasted so far.

We have a new addition to the family this week. She is a labrador cross English setter called Bella. She was born on the 12th December and is really rather cute. Luna has accepted her into the fold and is playing very gently.

The photo above was taken today during the glorious sunshine. I managed to get all three children, the two cats and the two dogs in the photo and smiling. That is no mean feat.

What are the kids doing? Well, Josh is still doing well. He recently did a weeks work experience with an architect and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is his last year in college and the month of March will be spent visiting lycees to decide where he will be going for the next three years.

Kirsty is continuing to be a swot and is consistently doing well at school. She must take after her mother. On the down side she did become a teenager this year and the strops do continue.

Peter is Peter! He is doing well at school and continues to enthrall us with his random facts!

Andrew is still working hard both here and away. He is the rock of the family.

Me, I am just me!!!

See you soon guys.